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About Us

Vivaweb was founded in early 2007 by a team of experienced and passionate IT professionals and developers. Having spent over 7 years in the corporate environment, has allowed us to understand and manage large scale projects for small to mid-size organizations.
Our expertise, knowledge and capability include application development and also extends to General IT Consulting.
We've gained the trust and respect of our clients by continuously providing them with transparent project management and accountable timetables.

Recent Projects

Techem Bulgaria
Techem Bulgaria

Techem Bulgaria

Complete client service portal
We developed a complete client service portal for the bulgarian branch of Techem. The portal is the one-stop place to check your monthly or annual bills, to confirm or print your paper bill, to check the latest corrections or the dates for visits from Techem. Users can manage multiple households an...
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Reload Systems
Reload Systems

Reload Systems

Reload Systems Ltd started its operation in 2005. They make internal trade in Bulgaria and also foreign trade in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Acting as a provider of telecommunication equipment, they offer their customers the best possible prices and technical support for the proper opera...
Fusion Advisor Network
Fusion Advisor Network

Fusion Advisor Network

Variety of corporate management solutions
Fusion Advisor Network is a unique membership organization comprised of some of the leading independent financial advisory firms in the industry. We provide a thriving, tight knit community based on the concept of sharing best practices and ideas coupled with top-notch business consulting services f...


Web Site Design/Development
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
UI & Graphic Design
Information Architecture
Custom Development (PHP/MySQL)
Social Networking Integration
Blog Template Design/Integration
Logo, Branding
Banner Ads
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